Some Concepts On How To Save On Groceries

by Diana Lensbury

By making a few adjustments to ones diet and thinking ahead about food purchases, its much simpler to plan how to save on groceries. The most important strategy for savings is planning. Buying less produce by growing what one can is a smart and healthy approach. Savings can be made by collecting coupons and buying what goes on sale.

When one first looks at their lifestyle for ways to trim food expenditures, some simple changes in diet can be a good source. By increasing the grocery bill through buying more meals to eat at home, the total food costs for the week can be brought down quite a bit. By avoiding a lot of prepared meals like frozen entrees or canned soups and making your own, a big savings can be realized.

If you know that you eat a lot of beans, or use big amounts of pasta or rice, then buy those items in bulk. Purchasing things in large amounts that you regularly eat will result in big savings over time. Especially if one establishes a rhythm where the big purchases are timed to coincide with sales, ones buying power will be maximized.

Many strategies can shave dollars off the receipt, such as purchasing different items at the stores that offer the best deal. Buying produce at the farmers market, meat at a market offering good values and packaged food at a bulk or economy grocery store can add up to big savings. Trying to stock up for a week or so at a time can assist in savings through less waste and fewer trips.

Certain meals, such as spaghetti or a favorite casserole, are crowd pleasers yet can be prepared for a low cost. Buy the ingredients for those meals in quantity and make them on a regular basis to keep costs under control. When a few different dishes such as those are part of weekly menu plans, they bring down the average cost. More planning tends to add up to more savings.

If some growing space is available or can be arranged, growing some produce can help to reduce the food bill after a little investment of supplies and some time and effort. Home grown produce is inexpensive and tastes great. Any excess crops can be frozen or canned.

There are plenty of sources for coupons between newspapers, magazines and direct mail. An online search will bring up coupons for many food items. By collecting as many as practical and combining them with store coupons during sales, a good percentage can be discounted from some items. With a little foresight, some of those sale purchases can be used in ones pre planned menus.

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