You may not believe everything he does, but once you start watching his video blog posts, you’ll see that Burt genuinely cares about people. He helps by giving advice from his 80 plus years of life, teaching new ways of thinking and dealing with life situations and even does healings. Keep an open mind and be surprised.

You can watch the YouTube videos and go to his website to sign up for free lessons which will be delivered to your inbox.

Trust me, you’ll like the Daisy Pond mediation!

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This is my favorite video blog:

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Burt also invented an excellent way to explore your parallel universes – it’s called Quantum Jumping! When you Quantum Jump you meet your doppelganger and learn new stuff; Burt has learned how to paint, write and sing to name just a few talents aquired while jumping.

Check one of my favorite people out and be amazed! :)