Great Resolutions For The New Year

by Fred Albertson

New Years entail a lot of new hobbies, values and attitudes to improve or change. This is the time of change; whether making amends to your enemies or setting new goals in life. People make their endless lists of resolution. Some may be done, and some are neglected.

There are a number resolutions that people make and here are among of the most popular ones:

Resolution 1: Being healthier is the number one resolutions that many people have. Not only does this include exercise, but nutrition as well. Exercising daily if not weekly, choosing the right foods that contain useful vitamins and minerals are included. Start the year right by having a fit and healthy body with proper nutrition and exercise.

Resolution 2: For smokers and drinkers, their resolution is by minimizing their habits. Though they can alwaysuse an electronic cigarette as a substitute. If they have a smoketip discount, they can get these at a cheaper price. For drinkers, try to control yourself and drink only during social gatherings like birthday parties and holidays like Christmas and New Year.

Resolution 3: Finding a good job is the next resolution one makes, especially to those who are jobless. All of which are looking desperately in the internet, magazines, newspapers and other resources where job ads are likely to be posted. If the previous year was a year of being lazy and jobless, then this is the year to look for a job and start being productive.

Resolution 4: The season of Christmas has just passed and this means that people have gained weight. With all the foods like cookies, ham, chocolates and cakes that you ate, it is without a doubt that you have added a few extra pounds. Even for just a few days, you might notice that your pants and shirts have gotten a little smaller on you. Thus, you are very much motivated to lose some weight for the incoming year. Going to the gym, doing a few runs around the neighborhood are some of the many activities that you plan on doing.

Resolution 5: Last but not the least, is managing your money properly. Shoppers all around have this resolution on their lists. Shoppers love to shop and they spend tons of money for buying both important and non-important items. If shopping can’t be helped, then they can use their smoketip discount for buying items at a smaller price.

Note: Marilyn R does not promote or support smoking of any kind. This article had some interesting tips to share and so it was published.

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