Make a Second Income From Home Taking Surveys and

Testing Products

Yes, can be done – I’ve been doing if for over 20 years. Depending on what demographic group you are in, you can make a decent second income for several hours of work per month.

The best survey companies are listed to the right and below. I use them and know they are legitimate and pay out as promised. I am testing other companies and will keep you posted with my experiences.

If you are 18 – 35, over 50, a parent and/or male, your chances of making a decent amount of money are greater than average, since these demographic groups are in high demand due to their purchasing power.

Don’t worry if you aren’t in those groups because there is plenty of opportunity to make money and test products for you, too. I know, because I am not in any of those groups and make enough money to pay my phone/internet bill, which isn’t a lot of money, but removes one expense from the list.

I have, also, tested many products including shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, various foods and beverages, clothing, over-the-counter medicine and a variety of other personal care products (toothpaste is the most recent test). You get to keep the test product, get extra points and sometimes an extra check!

You probably won’t get to quit your job, but if you are like everyone I know, one or two hundred extra dollars a month makes a nice bonus!

Plus, it is fun and you are helping to improve the products companies make.

I’ve listed the companies in order of what I consider to be the best. I prefer ones that pay in cash versus just points, prizes or sweepstakes.

Also, there is a great FREE service that lets you check out online companies before you join. I wish I had known about Internet Marketing Report Card before I spent several hundred dollars trying to make extra money online.

Check them out and sign up for free at: Internet Marketing Report Card

This site has comments from people who have tried the program or service and will give you an idea of what the program you are considering is really like. Of course, use your own judgment after reading the comments. Plus you earn points, which can be redeemed for services, for submitting comments and referring other people who sign up to the site.

Important Survey Tips:

1) NEVER pay to join a survey company or to take a survey! Legitimate companies do not require payment – they pay you!

2) Get a free address from Yahoo or AOL or whichever company you use and use that address exclusively for surveys. That way you know what the email is about and you can log on and not get sidetracked by your other email. Having a separate email address also reduces any concern of spam overloading your account (which shouldn’t happen with legitimate companies).

2) Take the survey a soon as possible; they fill up or end fairly quickly and you don’t want to miss out by procrastinating.

3) Always tell the Truth when you fill out a survey! The companies that are giving the surveys are relying on honest answers to improve or market a product.

4) When you agree to test a product or take an extended survey, follow through! Use the product as directed, fill out any paperwork, return any forms and submit the online survey by the due date.  When you follow through and give exact answers, you increase your chances of being selected the next time a tester is needed.

5) Start with one or two companies to get the hang of the process. Answering the same question (age, state you reside in, zip code, etc.) over and over can get tedious and take the fun out of the process.  And, it can be overwhelming if you have too many surveys to choose from, especially when you do not qualify.

6) Don’t feel discouraged if you do not qualify for a survey. The qualifying process is necessary so that the group they need feedback from is the group that answers the survey. So, far the only company I have come across that makes sure all surveys you receive are ones you qualify for is

In Summary

You can make money online by taking surveys and testing products, but it is unlikely that you will make enough money to quit your job.

Start with the companies listed here to guarantee success.

Be honest and follow through and you will be rewarded.

I highly recommend signing up at one of the companies listed here today and starting your “home business” taking surveys and testing products right away.

And, when you win the sign up bonus or sweepstakes, remember who sent you! :)

Most of all – HAVE FUN!

Brief Reviews on the Survey Companies I Use and Trust is one of my favorites because you can choose to redeem your points for cash or gifts, they pay out in a timely manner and all the survey invitations they send are prequalified. I have been a member for 20 years and started back when surveys were taken with pen and paper and sent in the mail. You can log on every day for an entry into their $10,000 sweepstakes. Plus, there are additional ways to win money and points which are redeemable for cash and prizes. The only drawback is the low reward per survey. Payouts start at $10. Sign up today!

Synovate also known as Global Opinion Panels ( is another favorite. They have some of the larger paying surveys, points are redeemed for cash and they have always paid me. Payouts start as little as $5. There is also a monthly rewards sweepstakes and an entry is earned for each survey, even if you do not qualify. The only drawback is that you have to qualify for the survey and sometimes you will spend one or two minutes to find out you do not qualify, but if you are in one of the demographic groups listed above, it is very likely that you will qualify.

Opinion Outpost is another good survey company that pays in points redeemable for cash and is currently my favorite, because their surveys have larger reward amounts than the others. There is, also, a sign up bonus. I requested my first check and they paid me within days. The only draw back is that you must qualify for the survey and that time is not compensated, however, you do get to enter a sweepstakes drawing, an instant win game or submit points to a charity for your effort. You can invite friends and receive additional points for doing so.– Publishers Clearing House ( has a survey program in addition to their well known sweepstakes. You get an entry into the current sweepstakes with each survey, whether you qualify or not.