Tips to make your home loan modification as easy and stress-free as possible:

I first applied for a home loan modification in mid-2009. My experience reflects what many have endured. Lost paper, constant requests for additional paperwork and worse, they never notified me that I had been denied! That was the worst part – thinking they were still processing and there was still hope when there was none.

Turns out the company – Ocwen – did the math wrong when they denied me. I had no way of knowing because I did not know that there were resources available that outline all the details. And, believe me – you want to know all the details.

I recommend saving yourself a serious headache and a possible heartache, by starting out with an organization that is very helpful and will give you excellent, and timely, feedback. I learned this the hard way, and after working with them, I had lots of valuable information and felt like there was hope again.

Call the HOPE Hotline number: 1.888.995.4673 and let them make your life easier.

Visit the site for details to help you see if you qualify, find a counselor and to help you get your paperwork together.

Whatever you do, get your paperwork to the mortgage company as quickly as possible – being late is grounds to deny you!

Send whatever papers they request and keep a log of all dates the paperwork was sent – email all papers requested if possible, so that you have a record.

Also, keep a call log of all the times you call – write down the day, time, who you spoke to and what you spoke about. Keep this log in a safe place, along with copies of all the paperwork you have submitted.

Starting the process with as much information as possible will make it much less stressful and, hopefully, quicker!

If you can afford to have someone assist you, Anna Cuevas is the loan modification guru and she helps with the process. Her site has lots of information, as well as a place to ask questions for free. As her site mentions, she has been able to help obtain home loan modifications when the homeowner failed. But, start with the above resources so that you know as much as possible before deciding if you need Anna’s assistance.

Currently, I am on my fourth attempt. Will keep you updated as events unfold.