This page will list the personal products and services I recommend – either because I use the product or because I personally know the provider of the product/service.

In order to improve your life there are many things you can do – some are mental, some are physical, some are easy, some are free, some are complicated and some are expensive. And, there are solutions in-between – what’s important to remember is that the only way to make a lasting difference is to take action.

There is a company that provides some excellent brain wave entrainment – better and much less expensive than their competitor. I have used both and only wish I had found Holothink first. I would have saved 100′s of dollars and had better and faster results.

Visit their site and get a free demo so that you can decided for yourself – I especially recommend “laser focus” if you do any type of work that requires concentration.

Sandman” is an excellent way to guarantee sleep.

All of their products are great, work as stated on the website, and come highly recommended.

Click here and try a free Holothink demo NOW!

I also recommend using Mary Kay health and beauty products.

MK is a responsible company – they use as many sustainable and green products or services as possible, do not use animal testing, does extensive recycling and works at reducing domestic violence!

And, if all that wasn’t enough – you can shop online in the comfort of your own home saving a trip to the mall (and the gas it would take to drive there, too).

That is my definition of a great organization!

It’s not just makeup, either.  Mary Kay has a full range of skin care products that includes a line just for men!

I also highly recommend Teresa Rayburn as your independent beauty consultant. I’ve known Teresa for about 10 years and she is as dedicated and responsible as Mary Kay. Let Teresa help you find the right product for your needs, today!

Another product I use whenever I need a boost in a particular area of my life is hypnosis. I use recorded sessions because they are convenient and inexpensive!

Steve G. Jones is the leading authority in Hypnotherapy and a board certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. You can read more about Steve and his success in the article  The Amazing Powers of Self Hypnosis.”

I recommend his products because I use them and they work.

With over 100 products, Better Living with Hypnosis is not only testament to Steve’s best work, it’s also an invaluable resource to the rest of the world. Go ahead check it out and find an easy way to make lasting changes to your life!