Do you need a gift, but don’t want to buy a mass produced item? Then you are in luck, because there is a great place to get hand made, one of a kind jewelry – that also happens to be affordable! It’s called Exotic Jewels by Michael – it would really be worth your time to check out the incredible pieces Michael has created.

Every piece of jewelry is hand made from natural stones or shells. And, you will not find two of a kind – each piece is unique. They have necklaces, bracelets and earrings – all different, made from a variety of gemstones and in styles for men, women and children.

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This is one of my favorite pieces:

In addition to creating jewelry, Michael also repairs jewelry. So, if you have jewelry you love, but needs repair – Exotic Jewels is the place to go!

Best of all – shipping is FREE!

Here’s what Micheal says about how he got started in the art of jewelry making:

“My wife and I were walking a beach and discovered a very strange looking sea shell.  She thought I should throw it back in the ocean but something about it fascinated me. Once I got it home and cleaned it up it was beautifully stunning, I added an amber stone from a necklace my wife no longer wore and it was a go from there.

With her encouragement I decided to take classes at a local gemstone store and I have been busy making stunning pieces for women and men since then.  We sell at local arts and crafts and consignment for several stores but we feel it is time to share this art for the body with the world.  I specialize now in men’s bracelets and actually repair beads and glass work from other jeweler’s.”

It always amazes me where the simplest act will lead us! Imagine, talking a walk on the beach and discovering the love of creating natural jewelry.

Hurry over to Exotic Jewels to get your unique, hand crafted jewelry gift item – before someone else buys it! You will be glad you did.