This is a guest article about recycling a cafe table top into a jewelry holder! I just wish there was a photograph of the finished product, because turning an unwanted item into a useful organizer is an excellent way to recycle. After you make this cool jewelry organizer, visit Exotic Jewels to buy yourself a gift of unique, hand crafted jewelry!

How To Make A Jewelery Organizer From An Old Cafe Table

by Consuelo Dalton

Most girls are all too familiar with dealing with lost earrings and tangled
necklaces. Rather than deal with the clutter and hassle, consider utilizing some
kind of jewelry box or organizer. Luckily, many objects, whether they're yard
sale finds or trash day rescues, are materials that have the potential to be
transformed into a unique and makeshift jewelery organizer.

Outdoor metal tables are perfect for this project. Especially the ones with
hard mesh tops or wire designs. Pretty much anything with holes in the top will
work. Most can be obtained cheaply at store clearance racks, garage sales, and
thrift stores. Thrifty people will even have luck finding adequate ones on curbs
for free. If one can't be located, you can use a perforated vent covering

With a screwdriver or saw, separate the top from the table legs and then discard
the legs. File down any sharp corners or peeling pain with some sandpaper and spray
the surface entirely, back and front, with metal primer.

When the primer has dried completely, you can then paint your
item. Put the metal tabletop on a tarp and spray paint it in any color you
want. Evenly spray the back and front, you may need two coats depending on your
color. When you are finished, set it aside and let it dry completely.

After the colored paint has completely dried, measure the length of the
organizer and then determine where you wish it to go. Whether it is above the
bed or next to the door, mark with a pen where the jewelery organizer will
hang. Then, hammer or screw enough holes into the wall that will sufficiently
hold up the organizer. If you want to use screws, you might want to think about
putting washers in between the screws and the board to keep from bending the

After you hang your organizer, purchase a small package of s-hooks. They can be
found easily at a department or hardware store. Then, hang the hooks on the
jewelry organizer in many various places. To prevent the s-hooks from falling from the
board, pinch the ends of the hook's after you hang them.

You can now begin hanging the jewelry onto the organizer. The little s-hooks
will be great for hanging necklaces or bracelets and the holes between the
board's metal will easily hold all of your earrings. Your new homemade jewelery
organizer will make sure that your pieces are safely stored without you
worrying about clutter or tangles again.