Why do you need a domain name?

Because it helps brand your product and/or service and it helps people find you on the internet.

You can think of a domain name the same way as you think of a company name. You want your site name to tell people what you are offering just by reading it.

It also lets people know you are serious and legitimate and not a “fly by night” site out to get their money or credit card number.

I recommend you start your domain name with the product you are selling, but get your own personal name, too. Don’t worry if the exact name you want isn’t available there are ways to get something close.

I recommend GoDaddy.com for the best prices and deals – that’s the company I use, too.

Domain Sale! $7.49 .com at GoDaddy

Another benefit of having your own domain name is that no one else can use it. If you come up with a really excellent name, but it’s just your blog title – someone could easily register that name and use it.

You want to keep the benefits of all your effort – so spend a few dollars and secure your name.

How do you find a perfect domain name?

Well, let me send you to an expert – Tommy – he will give you a free report in exchange for your email address.

The report will help you find the right domain name, explain why using WordPress is the best platform, how to set it up and how to make your site search engine friendly.

He will even help you pick a niche if you aren’t sure what product or service to sell. Again, the report is FREE and easy to understand, so get it, read it and move to step two.

We’ll be getting to WordPress soon and if you prefer to learn via videos, then Matt has some free tutorials, you’ll love – get his free lessons here.