Start The Year Right With A Resolution

by Enya Yamada

The year 2010 is coming to a close in just a few weeks time and it’s time to welcome the year 2011. For the New Year, people are already brainstorming as to what they should change when the day comes. Normally people make promises for themselves to start fresh, hoping that this promise will be carried throughout the year. There are numerous changes people would like to make to welcome and start the year 2011 right.

Here are some of the most common things that people change:

New hair, new rules: This is usually common to ladies. Women want to start their year with a fresh new look, and this means changing their hair. Those who have long hair usually cut theirs for a shorter and lighter look. Others, on the other hand, tend to have their hair dyed to another shade, be it lighter or darker.

Cleaning out their Closets: Since another year has ended and another is yet to begin, most people throw out their old clothes. Common to fashionistas, they like to have a new set of wardrobe when they welcome the new days. This means that their old clothes need to look for a new closet to stay in because newcomers are bound to arrive.

Closing the Gap: Leaving the old year means leaving your worries and enemies behind. For a fresh and happy start, some try to mend old wounds with their friends and family. Some believe that by doing so they will make their year right with no enemies or disagreements along the way.

Turning over a new leaf: For some people, a new year means changing their attitudes and lifestyle. For example, people who have bad habits, like smoking cigarettes, tend to change into something healthier. If they have purchased a blu cigs coupon code, they can always trade it in for an e-cig which would be a better one than tobacco. Another is those who eat too much change their diets in order to slim down and become healthier.

Whether or not you are a smoker who has a blu cigs coupon code to trade in or a person who’s bored with their hairstyle, it is always good to have a New Year’s resolution to inspire you. In the long run, these changes would mold you into a better person and others will follow you. If it would make you a better person at heart, then start making a change.

Note: Marilyn R does not promote nor support smoking of any kind. This guest article had some interesting points to share so it was published.

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