Tips for Setting Short Term Goals

by Joe Maldonado

So you have already made your business plan and are wondering what the next step should be. In order to achieve your goals for the long term you have to start by setting some smaller goals that are easily obtainable. Before you can reach any level of success in life you have to learn about setting and achieving goals.

If you are new to the concept of goal setting it is advisable for you to begin with several short-term goals to get yourself used to actually starting and finishing something. These small goals should always end with some type of reward. That is not to say that if your goal was to lose ten pounds you should reward yourself by going to a smorgasbord.

No one wants to work day after day and see little results. The reason so many online businesses fail is the lack of setting easily achievable goals. To say you want to make $100,000 in the first week is not a realistic expectation. Setting a realistic goal and following through to make it happen is how you will eventually realize the dream of making your first 100,000 dollars.

Plan on achieving goals on a daily basis for at least 3 months. Here are a few practical tips on how to begin creating these goals.

You should also have a goal in each category, short and long. A long-term goal is seen as something that takes at least two years or longer. Bearing this in mind, it cannot be hard to see why you need the short-term goals. This keeps you motivated while trying to achieve the other goal.

Write it out. Your business plan and goal charts should be visible to you or at least in a place that you can get to them easily. by tracking your progress you can visually see how much you have accomplished. Chart your progress from start to finish and you will be amazed at how much you really are getting done.

Each quarter you should review your total business plan and then prepare a few new short-term goals. The purpose is to always have a goal before you. Setting and achieving personal goals each and everyday will get you in the habit of succeeding. Being successful is a habit, it takes time to form new habits about thirty days according to some experts.

Timelines are important to your goals setting endeavors. Keep the goals on a short of schedule as possible but you should still be flexible enough to overhaul the entire thing if necessary. This is how a lot of goal setters end up suffering from depression or otherwise being so stressed out all the time that their life doesn’t have any joy in it. Do not forget in the end there will be a reward. Take that vacation you have been putting off or just a day at the beach with no worries.

Goal setting guru Brain Tracy explains how to set a goal in this short video: