3 Easy Fat Burning Workouts To Help You Burn Fat

by Stephen "the Body" Jones

Anyone who is looking to burn off their body fat will need to focus their
primary attention on their diet. However, in order to condiment this it is also
important to get some proper exercise as well. With this in mind, consider these
3 easy fat burning workouts that will help you to achieve some great results.

At the end of the day, your focus should always be on building lean muscle as
well as using cardio exercises in order to burn off fat. The reason for this is
because the more lean muscle you have the more fat and calories you are going to
burn. As such, combine cardio exercises with muscle building workouts for the
best results.

However, as mentioned, there are several important cardio workouts that you
should do in order to burn fat. One of these is sprint interval training. Sprint
interval training, also known as fartlek training, will enable you to build up
your metabolism significantly. Simply sprint for 30 seconds of high-intensity
and then jog for 30 seconds at low intensity. 15 minutes of this each day will
deliver great results.

Aside from specific sprint training you should also indulge in other
high-intensity interval training routines as well. This can incorporate any type
of exercise you would like, but the key comes in doing very short high-intensity
intervals followed by slightly longer low intensity intervals. For example, you
could be on the rowing machine and then row at max power for 10 seconds,
followed by 15 seconds of rest. Again, doing this for only 15 minutes each day
will lead to excellent results.

One final easy exercise to burn body fat would be swimming. Swimming is the best
exercise in targeting all muscle groups and as such your body will be burning
off more calories than with any other form of exercise.

All in all, your focus should be on high-intensity short exercise routines. This
is certainly the best way to target your fat and not your muscles.

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