Hi! A year has gone by and I am amazed at all that I have learned. The online world is filled with details that I never imagined I would use, let alone understand. Just making this website was so far beyond my experience that I would never have guessed this would be something I would be doing! But, I love the experience and the knowledge I have gained.

I’ve made some new friends – all around the world – and that is also amazing to me. Skype is a wonderful tool and it wasn’t that long ago making a call across the planet cost an entire weeks paycheck. Now, I can call and talk as long as I want for FREE!

I’ve finished my first book and published it – “Your Easy Organic Gardening Guide.” You can purchase a copy for $7 either on my Going Green website or Amazon.com. I would be honored if you bought a copy! Using organic methods to grow food or your lawn is the easiest way to reduce your impact on our small planet – and, organic gardening is easier than you’d think. Check my book out to find out for yourself.

A lot of us have survived the worse economic downturn of our lives. I am hanging in there and have hope that things will improve. I hope the same for you!

There are some tips for the New Year written by guest authors – Great Resolutions for the New Year and Start the Year Right with a Resolution – enjoy.

This has been a year of huge personal growth for me and I hope that my experience, wisdom and knowledge can provide assistance to you. Let me know what I can do to help you grow…

Have the best year of your life and stop by again, real soon!